SIMONAZZI FRATELLI specializes in turn Key projects for the water industry, in that it offers a complete solution to all requirements from the initial project phases through to the maintenance of existing plant.

We have been working since 1909 in the fields of industrial civil potable/sewage and agricultural water supplies. We can offer specialized services in the study, design and erection phases of your water schemes, as well as overhaul, on going maintenance and expansion of your existing plant.

We are producers and suppliers of:

  • Water hoisting-pumping systems for any type of use
  • "Turn key" pumping stations for acqueducts, industry, irrigation, sewers
  • Independent emergency pumping stations in completely assembled containers which are ready for use under any working conditions, equipped with electric or diesel engines. Only the factory equipped in-out connection is required for starting up the station
  • Independent stations for emergency water conditioning and treatment in container. The type of treatment varies according to the type of water and its characteristics
  • Independent packaging stations for long-term conservation of treated water, set up in container to face any type of emergency
  • Systems for water conditioning, chlorinating and bacteria removal
  • Complete water filtering systems
  • Calculation, construction and assembly of anti water hammering devices
  • Supply and assembly of any type of pump: submersible, vertical or horizontal, motorpumps, pressurization systems and valves
  • Hand pumps for deep wells
  • Production of hydraulic accessories (pipes, bends, special parts, flanges etc.)
  • Fittings either off the shelf or custom made to meet special circumstances
  • Rising main: both flexible high strength reinforced plastic and flanged or threaded steel mains for submersible pumps
  • Control panels made to order for starters (D.O.L., Star/Delta, Statoric impedance or autotransformer), also for protection and monitoring of reservoir levels, motors, valves, pumps etc
  • Generator sets, skid mounted or supplied to order
  • Personnel training in Italy and on site for equipment maintenance and management

In addition we are available to assist the customer for the following services in respect of already existing plants:

  • overhaul
  • maintenance
  • enlargement/improvement
  • technical assistance and availability of spare parts during the years

We recognise that while studies, designs, maintenance and professional construction are important, of more importance is back-up in case of emergency: our technical staff are always available to go anywhere anytime in any case in order to guarantee technical aid on place for assemblings, staff training and instruction, maintenance of plants and of any kind of electropump.

In last 25 years we have been giving ourselves up to acqueducts and treatment plants rehabilitation, above all in countries in course of development as well as to the realization of projects aiming at water production and delivery to small communities o city neighbourhoods paying particular attention to training and instruction of the staff appointed head of the plants managing and maintenance.

We also have taken part to the realization of plants in countries in course of development acquiring a particular experience in planning and achievement.

In case of necessity, You could also profit by our technical services for inspections and control on the spot of systems, existing or to realize, or for whatever technical commercial necessity.

Should You have any question or problem to be solved, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us: we will be more than happy to help You and get Your problems solved