Since its founding in 1909, our company SIMONAZZI FRATELLI Srl, has acquired a particular experience in the fields listed below:

  • Design and construction of water hoisting-pumping systems for any type of use
  • "Turn key" pumping station for:
  • Independent emergency pumping stations in completely assembled containers which are ready for use under any working conditions, equipped with electric or diesel engines; only the factory equipped in-out connection is required for starting up the station
  • Independent stations for emergency water conditioning and treatment in container; the type of treatment varies according to the type of water and its characteristics
  • Independent packaging stations for long-term conservation of treated water, set up in container to face any type of emergency
  • Systems for water conditioning, chlorinating and bacteria removal
  • Complete water filtering systems
  • Calculation, construction and assembly of anti water hammering devices
  • Supply and assembly of any type of pump: submersible, vertical or horizontal, motorpumps, pressurization systems and valves
  • Manual pumps for deep wells
  • Production of hydraulic accessories (pipes, bends, special parts, flanges etc.)
  • Production of electric accessories (general equipment for pumps control and protection as well as remote controls and automatisms)
  • On site technical assistance for assembly and upkeep operations
  • Personnel training in Italy and on site for equipment upkeep and management
  • Fire fight system